Quality control is key with SPEEDlabel®

In manufacturing, it’s sometimes hard to step back from your busy workday process and evaluate—or reevaluate—your shop’s workflow as a whole. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is a tried-and-true saying for a reason. But pausing to evaluate quality control and streamline steps can make everyone’s life a little easier. There’s less waste in […]

Managing accountability with SPEEDlabel®

We may think workplace accountability is business-speak for holding employees to shared company goals and standards. But it can also mean something much simpler on a day-to-day basis. When everyone understands a project, their role within it, and signs off as they’ve completed their portion, production keeps moving. Fluidity and accountability also reduce wasted time, […]

Adding SPEEDlabel® to your process

We all have our tried-and-true ways of doing things. Sometimes the thought of adding a new program, step, or method into the mix feels daunting or disruptive. But with proper training, education, support, and hands-on practice, additions like SPEEDlabel® will enhance a shop’s productivity and reduce wasted time and materials. When adding a new process […]

SPEEDLABEL® in the shop

SPEEDlabel is always proud to be part of the countertop community. Fabricators are an innovative bunch who value helping others. Shayne Hogenmiller exemplifies this spirit and the proof is in the Facebook page he helped create, All Slab Fabbers. This Facebook group is all about sharing information so we can all get better. In fact, […]

4 Ways Color Can Revolutionize Your Shop Operations

If you aren’t using the color band function on your labels…you’re missing out! Read on to see how color on your labels could be your greatest tool yet. Days Of The Week Color on your labels makes it easier for fabricators and installers to see important information quickly and can be seen from a greater […]

Life before SPEEDlabel®

Life can usually be summed up in three simple words: live and learn. Lived experience helps make all of the everyday tasks more efficient and less (if we’re honest) annoying. It’s true at home, school, and on the job. For countertop fabrication shops who are constantly juggling material, specs, piece counts, and project updates, life […]

SPEEDLABEL® – Why You Need It

We sometimes assume that only high-volume companies with dozens of employees need the latest technology and innovations. But even smaller, mom-and-pop shops can benefit from tools and software that save time and money while reducing waste. At SPEEDlabel, their carefully developed methods reduce errors and streamline the process which is a win/win for everyone. Western […]

Amazing Feedback from SPEEDlabel® Users

Online reviews and feedback are the lifeblood of a company. There are endless portals where customers can leave comments and rate a product or service. These are frequently used by potential new clients and Forbes admits that “This is the new normal: 97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, and one in […]

Why Accent Countertops Depends on SPEEDlabel®

It was hard to catch Andrew for this interview. As you all can relate, he explained, “Four days of calm, then a million things at once.” I can’t actually imagine Andrew getting too frazzled though.  I’ve known Andrew for a few years now and he is always the picture of calm. After talking to him […]

A New Start for Stoneworld

, A New Start for Stoneworld

SPEEDlabel®’s focus will always be developing solutions for our fellow fabricators to provide tools to organize their shops and make them more efficient and profitable. We are all doing what we do everyday….trying to produce the highest quality tops for our customers. We think dropping in on some of our fabricators is a great way […]