5 Ways SPEEDlabel® Shows its Value in the Field


5 Ways SPEEDlabel® Shows its Value in the Field


Many people assume when pieces leave the shop, you peel off the labels. We find the benefits of the labels are sometimes more valuable in the field with our installers, and our metrics prove it. Our loading mishaps, missed pieces and on-site cutting errors have dramatically decreased after implementing our labeling system. While errors and mistakes have plummeted, our communication and degree of professionalism have increased…read on to see how.


No More Missing Pieces

Installers have busy mornings with a lot to consider. They may be prepping two to three jobs for their day. This means they are carefully loading and organizing 16-24 pieces and planning out their travel to ensure they stay on schedule. When they have labels to reference, all pertinent information is at their fingertips…job name, material, templater notes and piece count. Having the piece count on the labels have played a key part in decreasing the frequency of installers leaving pieces behind at the shop or picking up parts of the wrong job. Mixing up parts has become more of a concern over the last few years as so much white quartz products are leaving our production floor. Nothing throws a curveball into an install team’s day like showing up to a job short a piece. This is especially true if they have traveled a significant distance to get there. This will cost you in installer time as well the hassle to reschedule the job. It will also result in an upset customer who has to be worked back into the schedule for a different install day.

Decreases On Site Cutting Errors

One of our most common (and costly!) mistakes that installers make is when they cut a piece too short on the job. The beauty of SPEEDlabel® is the dimensions and orientation are right on the label, on the exact piece they have to cut. They can also reference the label for drilling faucet holes in the correct place. The labels have significantly reduced our onsite cutting errors.

Improves Communication Between Templater and Installers

This benefit was something we didn’t expect, but it has proven so valuable. When the templater comes out to measure a counter, he can leave specific notes to the install team about the job. For example, we recently had a templater that did a measure for a customer and let them know they needed to add subdecking to raise the countertop prior to install. Our installers arrived at the job and realized the homeowners hadn’t gotten the sub decking completed. Our installers let the customers know they weren’t able to install that day due to the cabinets not being properly prepped. He showed the homeowner the notes on the label that outlined their previous directives. The homeowner took ownership and realized he hadn’tcompleted his part of the job and apologized and rescheduled his job. The label gave valuable information so our whole team, and in this case our customer, were all kept in the loop.

Improves Communication Between Installer and The Shop

If the installer comes across a problem with a piece during install, we now require the installer to send a picture of the label with change notes on it to our production manager before they call in to discuss solutions. This not only saves a tremendous amount of time, it also instantly puts our install team and our production team on the same page. They know what job they are discussing and exactly what needs to be fixed which eliminates phone calls going back and forth.  

A New Level Of Professionalism

Showing up with pieces that each have their own label on them ups your level of professionalism. It shows you have an organized shop that takes pride in the pieces that make their way into our customer’s spaces. It also offers the homeowner all the information they may need if they are second guessing what’s being done. Just as important as showing up in a clean van with a clean shirt, it shows customers that you are a professional organization.

If you spend much time at our company, you’ll hear a common question again and again during the day from all from all of our departments. Whether you are in the office, on the production floor, listening to templaters or installers…..the question rings throughout, “What does the label say?”.  There is a wealth of information on that 4X6 sticker, (or the smaller version for the backsplash pieces), that all members of our team have quickly become dependent on for quick, reliable information on each individual job. And for your install team, it becomes a tool that arms them with knowledge that makes them more efficient and professional in the field.


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