We are so honored to partner with companies that share our same values.  ActionFlow fabrication software just recently integrated with SPEEDlabel and it became clear that we share the common goal of supporting our clients in their successes. 

Reese Watt, the founder of ActionFlow took time to speak with us about his growing software company, but we came away from this conversation with so much more. We could have spent most of the time talking about process improvements and the latest software upgrades, but it didn’t take long for Reese to share what he’s passionate about. Aside from songwriting (more on that topic at the end!), Reese is compelled to define what he’s “for”.

If you’re familiar with the bestselling book by Jeff Henderson, titled, Know What You’re For—you’ll understand how impactful this question can be. The book’s theme is about caring deeply about your employees and your customers so they know you are “for” them and you’re in their corner. If this is done with a genuine spirit…your business will have loyal employees as well as loyal customers. The heart of Reese’s business is truly caring about each and every customer and employee and being there to support and help them grow.

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Reese’s career has had three evolutions. He worked as an actuary where he saw a need for automated processes and he taught himself to program to solve them.  Later at Hallmark Stone in St. Louis, he created custom software to define steps in the fabrication and automated some of the processes. He saw a need in the industry for the types of software he was building in-house for Hallmark so in 2011 he started ActionFlow and by 2016 he dedicated himself to it full time. 

As Reese points out, “Fabrication isn’t rocket science, but every job is custom and every job has many steps. Once you have multiple jobs going in a day in your shop, you’ll need to automatically generate action items so things don’t start to fall through the cracks.” Imagine walking into your shop in the morning with a sense of peace—knowing all critical players know exactly what their role needs to do that day to make the whole “machine” operate smoothly and efficiently.  The reduction of urgent matters will create more flow and your employees will feel empowered by knowing what they own and what progress was made.

Kim Davis, ActionFlow’s first hire back in 2018 heads up the implementation and support team. She sees first-hand how ActionFlow enables its customers to become more productive. She helps clients transition to using the software in their shops and then is their point person indefinitely.  This is a huge advantage in ActionFlow’s business model. Each customer has a dedicated person over the years to support them with the software. Kim says, “You really build a strong relationship over time and you want to see your clients succeed.” Another big advantage of ActionFlow’s software that Kim thinks is an important tool is the “Do Now”. She adds, “If one employee is out for the day a coworker can pull up the absent employee’s ”Do Now” list for the day and punch out the tasks.” This builds redundancy into the system so if one person is gone, workflow isn’t compromised. 

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ActionFlow is dedicated to its customers and nothing could be a clearer example than the Peace and Productivity Retreat they are sponsoring on April 21st and 22nd in St. Louis. This retreat is for current customers, vendors, and prospective customers to come together and collaborate. They have Chris McGoff as their keynote speaker. He is a contributor for Inc. Magazine, a TedX speaker as well as a featured Forbes Book Author. His work has been touted at groundbreaking and transformational. Ed Hill with Synchronous Flow will also be speaking. We are admirers of Ed’s work and you will walk away from his discussion with some great insights on how you can improve the flow of information and material in your businesses. The retreat also offers some great time to connect and socialize with your fellow fabricators. Apart from the great speakers listed above, there will be live music from Nashville’s Six One Five, great meals, and even some ax throwing! 


As we mentioned earlier, Reese is a songwriting artist and wrote a beautiful song with his songwriting partner, Rachel Stevener. The chorus asks the question, “Imagine what we’d see…unhurried?” Admittedly this line is asking the listener what we are missing in nature or our lives because we are distracted, but the question is also valid in our businesses today. We are all fortunate to be as busy as ever, but with this comes an element of chaos. What would you notice or want to change in your business if you were unhurried? The Peace and Productivity retreat is a perfect opportunity to answer that question and prioritize what processes need to be put in place to bring you peace AND productivity.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we also encourage you to take the time to listen to this absolutely gorgeous song, Unhurried on Spotify, written by Reese. It has over 21,000 listeners and growing! 

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