Having a blast hanging with the Rockheads

Trade groups, clubs, and industry organizations are a great place to keep up on the latest news, products, and technology in a way that’s both interactive and fun. In the stone fabrication business, that means one thing: the Rockheads. In early March, The Rockheads Group USA wrapped up an in-person event in Salt Lake City and SPEEDlabel® was there to mix and mingle with the best.

The Rockheads Group focuses on industry intelligence and vendor partnerships towards the goal of “raising the industry bar to push our own limits and grow; from better products to better employees, to better processes for our members.” They offer networking, business management insights, best practice strategies, and data sharing opportunities to help businesses grow, expand, and remain well-managed and efficient.

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The organization represents more than $600 million in North American countertop sales with nearly 100 members. Because the group was founded by actual fabricators, they remain “dedicated to ethical and best practices in the industry. A primary requirement of membership is the Natural Stone Institute’s accreditation which is a rigorous examination process including a voluntary OSHA inspection.”

They came about because “the group saw the need for a trade group specifically focused on the stone fabrication industry, with ample time dedicated to developing best practices specific to the fabrication of natural stone and quartz.”

Their spring 2022 event took place March 2-3. SPEEDlabel® sent several employees to attend, including Western Regional Sales Director Ted Lambert. Lambert explains that the get-together was a meeting of “upper-end fabricators gathering with roundtable discussions about best practices, challenges like supply chain issues and best practice sharing, then a shop tour, and more roundtable discussions at a shop that also hosts. Rockheads events are fabricator member events, not open to the industry.”

This year’s host was Valley View Granite, a shop with showrooms in Utah and Idaho. With 20 years of experience, they craft everything from countertops to accent pieces for residential and commercial clients and use the latest in technology and innovation every day.

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Lambert says SPEEDlabel® staff make a point of attending all Rockhead events, typically held several times each year. “These events host the premiere fabricators in the country. They are all working on their business not only in their business. Almost all of these companies know about SPEEDlabel® already and many are customers. It’s good to see them in person and we love supporting the Rockheads group. Salt Lake City was awesome and beautiful.”

This year’s top takeaways focused on many things. They discussed best practices for working on and keeping up with, material backorders as well as web-based training solutions. Some industry trends, like rodding, aren’t as much in favor anymore while others address tracking reworks on existing jobs.

Job tracking is where SPEEDlabel® can save the day. Their customizable labeling software tracks each piece from start to finish. Consisting of waterproof, smudge-free labels, they delineate piece count, overall dimensions, and the edge geometry of each component. There are also spots for fabricators to sign off on their portion, so errors are caught quickly…if they happen at all.

By not tracking reworks, a shop loses valuable time and materials. Waste, on any level, slows down the process and cuts into the day’s overall profits and productivity. “SPEEDlabel® can eliminate or greatly reduce rework,” promises Lambert.

The show felt like a tremendous success, says Lambert. Their team enjoyed “visiting existing customers, as a high percentage of Rockhead members are currently SPEEDlabel® customers, and this was a great event, well done by both the Rockheads and the team at West Valley Granite.”

You can find future Rockheads events through their online calendar or follow them on Facebook for information and upcoming activities.

Want to learn more about how SPEEDlabel® can integrate into your shop or fabrication team? Request a demo and someone from the team will be in touch via phone, video chat, or in-person. By increasing quality control and minimizing waste, processes are simplified, and you can go paperless without missing a beat.

The 21st-century world moves pretty fast. Today’s amazing innovation is tomorrow’s yawn. Keeping up with the latest and greatest—or tried and true—can feel like an impossible task. But thanks to networking and brainstorming events like these, everyone contributes, and everyone learns. Trends, suggestions, trial-and-error knowledge, and clever innovations can meet in one place, and everybody wins. Throw in the added bonus of travel after two long years stuck at home, and those Rockheads know exactly what they’re doing!

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