All Slab Fabbers Hits It Out Of The Park!

Once again, All Slab Fabbers hit it out of the park. The workshop was held at S & D Custom Stone & Tile in Sacramento, California this past week and SPEEDlabel® was fortunate enough to be a sponsor. Steve Vasquez and all of the S&D employees were amazing hosts providing cold beer and amazing BBQ. Their whole team opened their shop, ran parts, and answered questions.

What we love about these events can be summed up in this story. A first-time attendee from a small town in Northern California came to network and collaborate with fellow fabricators. He has been in the tile industry for years but broke into the stone side of the business just two years ago. When we asked him how he was liking the show he shared he was blown away by the contacts he made as well as how much he learned to take his thriving business to the next level. 

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He knew he needed a new way to carry his slabs into his job sites. He was able to connect with the folks at the No Lift System and actually ended up purchasing the one that was being used for the No Lift team’s demo. Literally drove home with a perfect solution to a really big need. A win-win!

The event was really about fabricators of different sizes and experiences helping others with insight and ideas. A number of shops that attended were manual shops looking to take that next step in automation. Those shops that already had a CNC saw or edge machine were able to give advice on the journey. Getting advice from those that have already been there and made the mistakes, can be so helpful.

Two themes they wanted to touch on for this event were safety and automation. Aaron Crowley from No Lift System spoke about the costs of injuries and how to avoid them. Reese Watt from ActionFlow spoke about automating systems so your team is all on the same page working together and to-do items don’t fall through the cracks. 

We at SPEEDlabel® really appreciate being a part of these workshops. They generally are smaller, and the discussions are rich with new ideas and helpful advice. This is one of the best things about this industry…we all genuinely like to help each other and guaranteed one of us can tell a story of failures or wins we’ve had that will help others be successful. 

All Slab Fabbers has over 10,000 followers now. Hop on to participate in the latest discussions and try to come to one of the meetings. A laid-back group, sharing new ideas amongst great company! 

All Slab Fabbers will be hosting other events this year. They are in New York and then North Carolina. Check out their Facebook page for details. 

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