Using all the bells and whistles of your SPEEDlabel® System

The more technology we have, especially all-in-one handheld devices like phones or tablets, the more options are at our fingertips. But are we using them properly…or at all? Statistics show that the average person has more than 80 apps on their phone but only uses 9 a day; 25% are only used once and then totally ignored. If your shop is a SPEEDlabel® customer, first of all, thank you for making us a trusted partner on the shop floor. Secondly, investigate whether you’re using the program efficiently, so it benefits everyone, every step of the way.

Joining the SPEEDlabel® family is as easy as requesting a free demo. During that time, you’ll be walked through all of the bells and whistles. Staff is happy to answer questions and order your initial shipment of the printer and labels, as well as arrange auto shipment of label refills so you never run out in a pinch.

Then comes the easy part: using it! SPEEDlabel® software can automatically number each part—as well as the complete job quantity—so there’s no arriving at an install without piece 4 of 7. You can customize label designs to be top, bottom, or edge format and even eliminate data entry altogether by pulling directly from Moraware.

With SPEEDlabel® your shop can go paperless and reduce errors from smudged or hastily written notes. Gone are the days of misreading a 3 as an 8 or trying to decipher coffee-stained dimensions. When customized, labels include job information like the install date or edge profile and bosses can even add a quality control signature box to each step of the build.

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But after a little while with the product take stock. Gather managers or those in charge and ask yourselves a few questions to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

  • Has everyone been trained properly in using SPEEDlabel® or did it become a game of telephone from one employee to another? Misinformation spreads like wildfire and can cause problems down the line, appropriate education is key.
  • The software tracks how many labels are printed. Does this match with the auto-shipped amount or does it need to be adjusted higher or lower?
  • If errors are still taking place, is everyone reading the label properly? Do staffers know about the sign-off boxes? Can they read the specs printed on each label or should the layout be modified? Is there information that should be added or removed for clarity?
  • Are some employees still using their old way of tracking in addition to SPEEDlabel®? Are you finding masking tape strips, crayons, or post-it notes alongside the printed labels? Clutter like that is confusing, subject to error, and makes a physical mess on the shop floor.
  • Is your version of SPEEDlabel® up to date? Check the software for updates, patches, and drivers regularly for peak performance.

If questions arise, check out the video Learning Center for many online solutions. To date, topics include adding color bands, applying the labels, generating face and edge labels, snipping tips, creating custom fields, and auto-populating into and out of Moraware. There’s also a full-color gallery of images at every step of the fabrication process. Still need support? Send questions through their portal or call 833.773.3333 and someone will get back to you quickly. Follow SPEEDlabel® on Facebook for the latest news and photos.

A recent study found “that while 93% of companies are undergoing technology transformations, only 6% are succeeding…Improving the customer experience and becoming faster and more agile are key motivations for tech modernization programs. When business and technology work effectively together, they’re more likely to see successful tech transformations.” It may not sound like it, but even your mom-and-pop shop likely follows those trends.

To succeed, the experts say, businesses should empower people with new capabilities and systems and ensure ongoing support from senior leaders. Then test and learn so you can fail quickly (if at all!) and adjust the roadmap as needed.

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In countertop fabrication, even a single error wastes time and money. If the wrong side of the stone is polished, the wrong edge profile is cut or errors are made to the overall size or sink profile, that’s waste. If your install team must wait while someone returns to find pieces 2 out of 10, that’s a waste. Thanks to SPEEDlabel®, many common problems are a thing of the past…if it’s being used properly by the entire team. Take a few minutes to take stock, reach out, and build the best process for your unique situation.