A Fresh Look at SPEEDlabel® Features

Sometimes we get into the groove of things—or occasionally a rut—and don’t take time to appreciate the little details which make daily life possible. On the shop floor, orders need to come and go without pause. Materials arrive, fabrication takes place, then it’s time for final shipment to the installation site. But without tracking software and printable labels from SPEEDlabel®, mistakes and human error are all too common. Thanks to these key features, your crew can trust that jobs will flow smoothly from start to finish as your business goes green, paperless, and ecofriendly.

The Label: Material

Gone are the days of ripped masking tape and fluttering sticky notes. SPEEDlabel®’s product is more than just a way to count pieces or document the order number. Our namesake labels are synthetic and waterproof so no more smearing or bleeding ink. You can even write on them when wet so rain, humidity, sweaty hands, and spilled coffee will be a nuisance but won’t erase vital information.

Their unique adhesive keeps our proprietary labels in place but isn’t a nightmare to remove like some tape products. (Crusty, sticky duct tape goo, anyone?) And while our ink penetrates the label itself, it won’t seep through into the stone or countertop material. These labels alone took two years of development and are sold only through our company. They were developed for fabricators by fabricators and that’s the secret to their success.

The Label: Design

Whether your shop’s pace is high speed and nonstop or slow and methodical, keeping track of an entire job can be tricky. Cutting and fabricating means lots of pieces and when that’s multiplied by several jobs at once, there are likely components everywhere. Getting to a jobsite and realizing that part 5 of 8 has been left behind means wasted time, money, and productivity.

SPEEDlabel® includes autogenerated part numbers, if you prefer, as an easy way to keep track. This way the whole team is on the same page—and delivery truck—when it’s time to hand over the final product. You can even include additional specifics like dimensions, edge geometry, install date, job number, cutouts, and label format (top, bottom, or edge).

The Label: Customization

No two jobs are the same, neither are workshops. With this in mind, SPEEDlabel® has customizable features for organization and ease of use. Turn on color bands so you can spot pieces of a particular order from across the floor. Part 3 of 6 with a red stripe won’t end up as part 3 of 6 on the blue job site and vice versa.

If you’ve added new employees, interns, or apprentices recently and want to make sure everyone’s pulling their weight, consider the quality control signature box on each piece. This way managers can verify all steps are properly followed and see where quality issues pop up. Each team signs off on their own portion so mistakes, if they occur, are caught early and errors corrected.

By integrating with Moraware, labels can be printed without tediously entering the numbers by hand. That saves time, frustration, and the risk of mistyping. Less fancy? No problem! SPEEDlabel® can also be standalone software too. There’s no printing lag time and we autoship replacement labels so running out is a thing of the past.

The Company: Here for You

At SPEEDlabel®, we want our product to be a real-world benefit to your business. You can schedule a 30-minute demo online or find us at one of the many industry tradeshows nationwide. We’re also happy to add your customer testimonial to our website and would love to hear about practical changes you might suggest. The best improvements come from hands-on experience and we’re here for it!

If something comes up, reach out. Or look through the many helpful videos on our website’s Support page and Learning Center. There’s also a photo gallery to see how other shops have adapted their SPEEDlabel®s and regular blog posts of tips and tricks, tradeshow appearances, newly signed on shop partners, and team bios.

Don’t let your workday to-do list get sloppy. In fabrication, inaccuracy wastes money and materials which is never a good thing. Shops have plenty of other things to worry about, the actual manufacturing shouldn’t be one of them. Supply chain woes, stone color mismatches, and passing around the seasonal flu can’t be controlled. (Trust me, we’ve tried everything!) But thanks to SPEEDlabel®, you’ll be ahead of the curve and look good doing it.