SPEEDlabel® Tips, Tricks, and FAQs

Even if you’ve used a product or service forever, odds are there are features you’ve never mastered, tried, or even heard about. Especially in a busy workplace or bustling shop floor, many of us skip the tutorials and dive right in to using new tools. The organization, tracking, and labelling of SPEEDlabel® software is a game changer for fabricators but here are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that address common issues and might just showcase new or unexpected features.

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What software do you integrate with?

SPEEDlabel® integrates with ActionFlow, Moraware Systemize, Eased Edge, Stone App, and SPEEDfolder®. Your shop will simply need a Windows based system. But if you’ve already got one in place, SPEEDlabel® can run on any computer you already have, you do not need to buy a new one.

Where do I purchase the labels?

SPEEDlabel® labels are purchased exclusively through SPEEDlabel®. Developed by us, they’re set up to auto-ship at your desired frequency. We make them available only for the stone industry. To jump-start your first (or next!) shipment, call Ted Lambert at 253-350-0407 or email sales@fifthgeartech.com to set things up today.

Do you use a special printer?

Yes! Our system requires a robust commercial grade label printer with a built in cutter. The printer cuts labels exactly to the right size. But don’t worry, this doesn’t require a time-consuming shopping trip, web search (hoping you ordered the right make and model), or extra expense. When you purchase SPEEDlabel®, the printer is included as part of the setup.

How long does it take to create labels? What does the timeline look like?

When things are buzzing with a million jobs and pieces are being cut left and right, time is of the essence so work orders don’t get mixed up. Thankfully, the typical time to create labels for a residential kitchen is incredibly fast. If you are integrated with the other software mentioned above it takes from 1 to 3 minutes. If you’re not integrated only 3-5 mins per job.

How many people can use SPEEDlabel® at once? What is the contract like?

As we know far too well from home streaming accounts, there are often limits on the number of users allowed in any one program or system. But that goes against the SPEEDlabel® philosophies of organization, simplification, and enhanced quality. We allow as many users as you want or need! Plus there is no contract with SPEEDlabel® and no time requirement once you sign up.

Is there customer service if we get stuck?

Of course! Answers are available directly from Ted or Yoshi during business hours. When you sign up, they’ll provide cell and email details for immediate contact in times of crisis…or when looking for advice. For less urgent questions, there is a support tab on our website as well. Simply fill it out online with a few key details about your problem or issue and someone on the team will reach out ASAP.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t forget that SPEEDlabel® hosts an online learning center full of informational videos, training tips, and customer reviews. There’s also a gallery of images showing our labels in action, customized to meet individual shop needs. With endless options and formats depending on your particular requirements, SPEEDlabel®’s product can include dimensions, job specifics, edge geometry, piece counts, and department sign-offs to reduce mistakes. Read through our blog to meet the team and learn more.

We also welcome suggestions on product changes, modifications, or additions. SPEEDlabel® is made BY fabricators FOR fabricators and believes in adapting to changing materials, trends, and technologies. Send along FAQs you think might be helpful to others or chat in person at an event near you. Staff are constantly visiting industry get-togethers, trade shows, and client showrooms. Join us on the road by following our Facebook page where we post upcoming trips and locations.

Know a shop who could use our help? Have them reach out and schedule a demo on the day and time of their choosing. We’re always happy to show how labels can help organize and reduce errors in your business.

Miscuts, wasted time, duplicated effort, misplaced components…these all waste your shop’s valuable time and money. SPEEDlabel® hopes to streamline the process and can even help your team transition to paperless workflow. No more smudged masking tape, coffee-smeared dimensions on the invoice, or post-it notes that blow off en route to the customer. Let us help you become a lean, green, stone-cutting machine with happy customers left and right.

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