4 Ways Color Can Revolutionize Your Shop Operations

If you aren’t using the color band function on your labels…you’re missing out! Read on to see how color on your labels could be your greatest tool yet.

Days Of The Week

Color on your labels makes it easier for fabricators and installers to see important information quickly and can be seen from a greater distance than text. One of the most common ways that these color bands help your shop is to indicate a day of the week. You can choose a different color for every day of the week and the colors may mean different things to different shops. For example, we have one customer who uses the days of the week as an install date while another customer uses the color band to indicate the day of production.

SPEEDlabel color

Gauging The Floor

However you choose to use the colors, one thing is for certain, when you’re walking the shop you can easily get a sense of whether jobs are running behind and where there may be bottlenecks in the production process. If Tuesdays are green and you’re seeing all yellow which is Monday’s color..you start asking more pointed questions. This information can also be shared with the front office. If jobs start getting pushed to another day, they may need to start making calls to install customers.

Remakes and Rush Orders

This has been crucial to our operations. We use bright pink for remakes or rush orders. The fabricators see it and know right away to move it to the front of the line. It seems many of our remakes are smaller pieces that could get lost in the shuffle. The pink band helps these pieces get noticed. We also use colors to indicate if something is fragile or has special handling instructions. Using colors to alert our fabricators and pay closer attention has been so valuable.

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Not Just For Face Labels

Another way color bands help with shop operations is by using them on your edge labels. Since face labels are nearly impossible to see when jobs are loaded on a cart, the labels showing on the edge can help the installers. One important thing to note…the edge labels can have different colors than the face labels. If you want all green labels to go to a certain commercial project and all orange labels to ship out to a satellite location, this information is visible for your crews who are loading and delivering them.

SPEEDlabel edge labels


The best news…the longer you use color, the more valuable it becomes. If you are overwhelmed with adding too many colors, start small. We suggest using a RUSH color at the very least. You will quickly see how indispensable color is to get your shop operating at top efficiency. 

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