Quality control is key with SPEEDlabel®

In manufacturing, it’s sometimes hard to step back from your busy workday process and evaluate—or reevaluate—your shop’s workflow as a whole. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is a tried-and-true saying for a reason. But pausing to evaluate quality control and streamline steps can make everyone’s life a little easier. There’s less waste in product, time, energy, effort, and cash. Thanks to SPEEDlabel®, your shop could soon be even more productive and that’s a win/win.

Business experts admit that quality control is important for reducing “costs because you will have a better idea of your processes and more confidence in your company’s ability to turn out high-quality goods without error. The data collected during quality control can be used to ensure things are going smoothly.”

“When you run a business,” they continue, “especially a business that deals with manufacturing, it is of the utmost importance that you implement quality control procedures into everything you do. After all, if the goods you are selling are not up to scratch, you are hardly likely to get much repeat business, and the reviews of your company probably won’t be glowing either…Quality control procedures enable you to use the resources available to you in the most effective way possible so that nothing is wasted and you don’t have to worry about going over budget.”

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Ted Lambert, Western Regional Sales Director for SPEEDlabel®, agrees. “Fabrication errors and pieces left behind by installers are both the direct enemy of profitability. If not kept in check, they could bankrupt a company or take all the profit.”

And with the latest spate of shipping delays and costs for just about everything on the rise, offcuts are money down the drain. “Miscut parts are generally sent to the remnant area in a shop,” explains Lambert. “Some may be used for small projects, but most will eventually end up as waste and lost margin.”

Using a product like SPEEDlabel® helps eliminate errors from the start. Their label is designed to stick to the top, bottom, or edge of a slab, not smudge or smear, and includes vital project information like overall dimensions, edge geometry, and spots where fabricators sign off on their work. Details can be imported via your CAD drawings or uploaded within Moraware to reduce data entry mistakes.

“Human error can be eliminated regarding project data input if project management software is being utilized,” says Lambert. “Although, it is still human input into the project management system so there is always room for error. SPEEDlabel® can be used not only to check dimensions but at every stage of the fabrication process with sign-offs to ensure all parts are fabricated correctly.”

By including such details as ‘part 2 of 7,’ the team knows exactly what to load and transport to the installation site and all pieces are easily trackable. The label’s data fields can be customized to include whatever your team needs for an easy process from start to finish.

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Ed Hill, the President of Synchronous Solutions, was excited to share his discovery of the software. “There is a new product called SPEEDlabel® which provides a solution to track each cut piece in your shop,” says Hill. “It maintains accountability for quality control, part by part. It ensures the entire job is kept together—no missing parts. It is an excellent tool to address many of the problems countertop fabricators experience.”

Maintaining high-quality control standards isn’t just about dollars and cents…though that’s a big part. Say, industry experts, “Implementing better quality control procedures can actually boost the morale of your employees because it can make them feel more like they are working towards a common goal, creating high-quality goods for the market. It can also help to foster a happier atmosphere because staff knows exactly what is expected of them, which means they won’t be caught off guard by a disgruntled manager who isn’t happy with their work.”

Other experts remind us that “In addition to helping you maintain your status quo, proactive quality control can lead to long-term growth. Customers will bring repeat business back to manufacturers they trust…Doing the job right the first time leads to better customer relationships and more prosperous business prospects.”

When you’re ready to give SPEEDlabel® a try, request a free 30-minute demo today. Someone from the team will walk you through the product and answer questions about how it benefits your unique shop. Going paperless, saving time and money, and simplifying processes are just a click away.

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