SPEEDlabel: Meet the Team!

We know many companies by their name or logo but what about those folks behind the scenes? Success often means streamlined and near-automated efficiency but there are hardworking people creating code, developing products, inventing ideas, and getting things to market. At SPEEDlabel®, their countertop tracking and quality control labels use carefully designed software and marketing know-how to reduce miscuts, forgotten components, and user error making any size shop more efficient and even paperless.

Providing skilled help and guidance to the whole SPEEDlabel® team are two hardworking employees: Yoshi Soto and Ted Lambert. Here’s a little glimpse into their background and day-to-day duties with the company.

Yoshi Soto: Product Development & Director, Technical Support

Soto has spent two decades in the industry “most of them as measurer,” he explains. “After that, I started working for The Countertop Factory managing the measure, engineering, and programming department all at the same time. All this experience gave me the opportunity to be part of Fifth Gear Tech/SPEEDlabel®.”

Within the company, Soto is often the first or most direct point of contact for customers. “My typical day is helping support our customers and with technical issues,” he says, as well as “installation of SPEEDlabel® for new customers.”

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Ted Lambert: Sales Director

Also a part of the countertop industry for 20 years, Lambert started as a sales rep and worked his way up to general manager. That company fabricated for 28 Lowes stores as well as kitchen and bath dealers, mill shops, and general contractors in both residential and commercial settings.

From there, he moved up to Willis Supply. Willis is the Canadian and West Coast USA surfacing distributor for DuPont. “So I have knowledge in all aspects of the countertop business,” says Lambert, “from managing a fab shop and purchasing material, templating, fabricating, and installing for all categories: granite, quartz, ultra-compact/porcelains, HPL, FENIX, and solid surface.”

His duties are varied and have a global footprint. Lambert travels to potential client businesses and workshops to introduce the product or follows up with existing customers on how to make SPEEDlabel® better. “I also spend quite a bit of time doing online demos with fabricators across the globe in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Portugal, Costa Rica, Malta, and more” as well as training fabricators how to get the most out of their new SPEEDlabel® experience.

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While not a huge fan of the follow-up or playing desk jockey, he laughs, Lambert really enjoys globetrotting to represent the company at tradeshows and events. “I travel to all the Stone Fabricator’s Alliance (SFA) workshops, All Slab Fabbers (ASF) workshops, ATS workshops, ActionFlow events, Park Industries events, and The International Surface Event (TISE) and have a booth or tabletop to share SPEEDlabel® with the masses.”

Outside of work, you’ll find Lambert spending time in nature camping and hiking the gorgeous Pacific Northwest woods he’s proud to call home.

In any field, employees with a wealth of industry experience are the difference between success and failure. They’ve seen trends come and go, stayed abreast of regulations and best practices, and learned tips and tricks which can’t be taught from a book. Soto and Lambert do more than just talk to folks with boots on the ground…they’ve been there. They understand how much time, money, and sanity are wasted by inefficiency and can present SPEEDlabel®’s solution in language fabricators understand. They’re also able to anticipate questions, and potential issues, or troubleshoot based on knowledge gleaned over the years.

Is your company looking to streamline the countertop fabrication process? Request a demo today and let Lambert, Soto, and their team walk you through the options. Existing customers can also request support online and someone will get back to you right away. Or just look for Ted at an upcoming tradeshow and he’ll be happy to answer questions face-to-face or schedule a time to discuss how SPEEDlabel® can work for you.

We don’t always have the luxury of experiencing ourselves. But knowing someone who does can be deeply rewarding. Better yet, using them as a resource in real-world situations…gold! At SPEEDlabel®, they know and value such experience and use it on behalf of their clients each and every day. Gone are the hastily scribbled (and utterly illegible) spec sheets taped to a job or post-It notes smudged by spilled coffee. No more passing the buck or littering your shopfloor with endless scraps of paper. Thanks to SPEEDlabel® and employees like Soto and Lambert, their expertise equals your job well done.