Catching up with Chad Mercurio, founder of All Things Stone

We had the opportunity to catch up with Chad Mercurio, founder of All Things Stone, and once again we were reminded why we love the countertop industry so much. As we’ve mentioned before, SPEEDlabel® is grateful to be in the company of fabricators…..they are a fun bunch of smart individuals who genuinely enjoy helping each other succeed.

Read on to learn more about All Things Stone’s upcoming (February 17th-18th) breakthrough workshop, “All Digital” and pick up three helpful insights about going digital from Chad.

Chad started his career in countertops 20 years ago when he started working for Mark Lazon in Salem, Oregon. Here, he underwent an apprenticeship in digital fabrication.  After that, he worked at SASSO for eight years before moving to Austin, Texas to start his own shop, Emerald Granite Works.

Chad started All Things Stone because he is passionate about helping all shops push forward and succeed. He also wanted to provide a free option to give fellow fabricators the opportunity to gather and learn how to improve their shops.

He says, “The first workshop I learned a ton. I witnessed others making lifelong connections that gave them contacts to call for questions in the future.” He added, “The workshop in February is going to be huge. All shops need to consider moving to digital if they want to keep up in the industry.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Its theme, “All Digital” is right in Chad’s area of expertise. He is a digital expert who can program machine saws with the best of them. We asked him some questions about shops elevating to the digital age.

What’s the first step a shop should take to go digital?

Chad says, “You must first buy a laser and do digital templating, and of course…come to our workshop in February!” Digital templating is the foundation for the rest of the shop to move towards going digital. Why buy a saw when you don’t have a measuring instrument to tell it where to make the cuts? He also mentioned, “It gives the shop a baseline understanding of CAD and how it works.”

What’s the number one benefit?

Chad shared that for most of us, the current labor market is making it increasingly difficult to find and retain people to run our equipment. When we adopt automation, we decrease the dependency on variables we can’t control.

What’s the number one obstacle for shops to move towards digital?

People find it challenging to face change. It’s human nature to dig our heels in at times when something new is on the horizon. Automating processes is the way to remain competitive by staying organized, streamlining operations, and cutting labor costs. Chad says, “Going digital is a matter of when not if. You have to go digital to stay competitive in this marketplace.”

Chad had one more piece of advice we found very valuable. He recommends more than one person know how to operate the saws and other technology. You don’t want the only guy who knows how to run your saw to leave and not have anyone else know how to operate it.

SPEEDlabel® is looking forward to participating in this vital workshop about launching your shop into the digital age. As the economy takes a breather, now is the perfect time to take advantage of a little more downtime to invest in processes that will make us more efficient and streamlined in the future.

The All Things Stone February 17th-18th workshop, “All Digital” is being hosted by Howie of Distinct Stoneworks in Deerfield Beach Florida.

When Chad’s not installing countertops or working on the shop floor, he can be found in the great outdoors. He’s been an outdoorsman since he could walk…just a few years longer than he’s been in the countertop industry!  Thank you, Chad, for your time, expertise, and dedication to our industry.

See the link below for more information on the February All Things Stone Workshop: