Amazing Feedback from SPEEDlabel® Users

Online reviews and feedback are the lifeblood of a company. There are endless portals where customers can leave comments and rate a product or service. These are frequently used by potential new clients and Forbes admits that “This is the new normal: 97% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses, and one in eight search online for a nearby business every single day. Review sites are at the epicenter of ‘near me’ searches.”

But perhaps the most important reviews are from those within the industry. People who know the real-life, workaday problems you’re trying to solve and can truly appreciate the elegance of your solution. At SPEEDlabel,® working countertop fabricators have used their product in real shop settings, fulfilling actual customer orders. Their praise and support validate all the hard work and fine-tuning that went into this organizational tracking and labeling system.

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Peter Dominguez is President of Andrew Lauren Surfaces in Los Angeles. From their 50,000 square foot fabrication facility, they specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of natural stone, engineered stone and solid surface products. “Installation of SPEEDlabel® was quick, easy, and fit well with our current systems,” says Dominguez. “Everybody in the shop embraced it from day one. It is easier to track pieces and the job is done right every time.”

Across the country in Lansing, Michigan, Paxton Countertops has provided and installed counters for more than 40 years. They blend the tradition of a family-owned business with cutting-edge education and expertise. CEO Dave Paxton says his “favorite benefit of SPEEDlabel® is the accountability and built-in quality control. You can easily identify who checked it and if something wrong comes back it will go to them to fix it. Can’t imagine our shop without labels, it looks so much more professional.”

Colorado’s Front Range Stone hasn’t been using SPEEDlabel® for long but they’re already hooked. They have more than 160 employees and subcontractors who work in all aspects of the market: kitchen and bath designers, millworks, architects, engineers, builders, and general contractors.

Manufacturing Operations Manager Brian Tekulve appreciated the training and support he received from SPEEDlabel.® “From the first inquiry through implementation everyone has been very responsive to questions that come up,” he says. “The initial setup was smooth and simple and we were able to roll it out to our shop within a few days from signing on. They walked our programmers through the snipping program and template used and have been with us every step of the way.”

Like Dave Paxton, Tekulve deeply appreciates the program’s tracking features. “The ability to hold each person from the measurer through installation accountable for each individual piece of every job is invaluable,” says Tekulve. “With each piece being carefully checked and signed off on by each person that touches it we have seen a dramatic decrease in rebuilds and refabs and ultimately, happier customers. Each employee knows that they have ownership in those pieces and want their name only on the best quality product.”

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And since re-doing work is a waste of precious time and money, using SPEEDlabel® for accountability is efficient and practical. The program “has stopped our guys from being able to pass an issue down the line to the next guy which was causing us to over fabricate pieces, wasting time and effort,” says Tekulve. “The product has honestly made us a more successful shop with our customer satisfaction and financially.”

Glowing reviews like these are vital to companies like SPEEDlabel® because it shows how the product is received, used, and tested by the rigors of a busy fabrication shop. Designed by staff who understand the in’s and out’s of every step of the process, the program simplifies, streamlines, tracks, and reduces data entry. Going paperless has never been so easy.

While a product’s creators are admittedly biased, positive reviews which come from actual use are a true measure of success. Forbes admits that “Word of mouth happens online now, and small businesses finally get to add their voices to the conversation…That’s good news because 90% of customers say that what they decide to buy is influenced by positive online reviews.”

Want to know more so you can judge for yourself? Visit the online SPEEDlabel® Learning Center for videos galore. There you’ll find customer interviews, watch a product overview, and explore a full-color gallery of images. Interested in an interactive demonstration? Schedule a web conference demo via their handy calendar. You just might be the next shop posting five-star feedback.

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