What’s on YOUR SPEEDlabel®?

Everyone has their own way of doing things. Sure, the overall process may be similar, but we all develop little hacks to personalize or streamline the final output. At SPEEDlabel®, the premise sounds so simple. We make a countertop fabrication tracking system that simplifies the process, reduces lost pieces and miscuts, and allows your shop to go paperless and (almost, thanks to quality control and accountability) error-free.

But in the real world of a busy workshop, color customization options mean each client uses SPEEDlabel®’s system in slightly different ways. Which is fascinating, awesome, and inspires us every day. Here are a few ways our customers have modified the format, included data and adjusted their labels for pertinent job information.

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Nick at Creative Countertops, Inc.

Pointing to a crisp label affixed to a gorgeous piece of gray seamed stone, Nick explains their chosen content. “We’ve got the part numbers and everything, we’ve got part two of three, this is telling us pretty much everything we need to know about the piece,” he says. Theirs includes dimensions for two wall sides, two-seam sides, and basic measurements for what they need.

They also include the job name, room where it’ll be installed, material type, color, and edge shape. Below are the fabrication and installation dates. “I love it,” Nick admits, “it makes my job a lot easier!”

Casey at Five Star Granite

Casey’s label sits at the junction of an L-shaped section of speckled countertop. “We’ve got all the pertinent information for our installers,” he explains. “We’ve got the job name, account, the material, the specific color of the material, and the edge detail for the material.”

At Five Star Granite, they also use color-coded edges on the label’s included sketch to show which edges are to be finished. These correlate with what type of edge detail is needed, dimensions, and seam locations. There are part numbers for the project which line up with the cut batch and he says “It’s everything our installers need. They work great, our polishers and installers waste a lot less time asking us questions because the SPEEDlabel®’s answer it for them.”

Chris at Skyline Tile and Marble, Inc

The material Chris shows us is labeled next to an opening cut for a circular sink. “What we really focus on,” he says, “is the job name, contractor, job number, the edges that are getting polished, and then anything else whether it’s cabinets, cabinet panels, or if there are piles or there’s flash it’s going to be listed here.”

“The one thing we don’t do,” he continues, “is we don’t always put the dimensions. We have a different focus on that, but this is what we want our shop guys to check. And we do love it; it works very, very well.”

Aaron at Floform Countertops

Affixed to smokey gray and black stone, Aaron’s label pops. “We’ve got our geometry here of our piece, our sink, our setback, the dimensions,” he lists. They also autogenerate information that pulls directly from Moraware like color, thickness, and material. Floform’s labels also contain “our part number, the destination where the job will be shipping to, the fab date where we’re going to build this project, and the ship out date.”

Their shop includes various check boxes for the fabrication team including saw dimensions, finish, whether the edge profile matches the template provided, the thickness of the pieces, and a final quality control sign-off.

Joey at Precision Waterjet

This shop offers some of the most striking stone we’ve seen. Pieces are full of richness, color, and movement. Their label includes “a total part count for our job, what needs to be done in the job, job name, the area in the house, material name, edge polish, when it’s installing, who the designer was, and any other miscellaneous info. We love SPEEDlabel®!”

Brody at One Call Construction

One Call’s team uses nearly every feature of a SPEEDlabel®. “This is an overview of the entire piece,” says Brody, pointing to our label tucked into a corner of the slab. “We’ve got full drawing with dimensions, and we’ve got all the color coding so our fabricators know exactly where they need to polish and what type of edge. And all of our job information: project, material, color, and the edge profile.” And that’s just for one simple-ish project! They regularly add additional details like accompanying backsplash or vanity details as well.

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