Making the Most of Your Labels

Mark ‘Em Up!

Our goal at SPEEDlabel® is to help our customers get the most out of their labeling system. We will be sharing different ways in which we use our labels in the shop to optimize their effectiveness. Probably one of the simplest things we’ve done from the beginning was writing notes on our labels. We started out mainly using the quality control signature space but within days, we realized the importance of marking them up with other critical information. Here are the most common ways we utilize our labels like high tech Post-it notes and how it’s greatly improved our performance and communication.

QC Measure

After the piece is fabricated, our quality control team measures each piece. If the measurements are off by more than 1/8th of an inch, we note that on the label. Our folks in the field see that the shop checked the sides and they may possibly need to make adjustments onsite. We want the installers to know it has undergone our quality control, we’ve taken ownership and it’s still able to install.  It gives the install team critical information about what types of cuts they will have to make (if any), to get the top installed properly.

Fissure/Crack Repair Notation

When there is a small fissure or crack that needed to be fixed on a natural stone piece, we mark the piece on the label exactly where the repair was made. The installers now know where the weak point is so they can proceed with caution during installation.

 Notes Within Shop

We use it to give directions within the shop. Sometimes a piece comes through that needs a certain machine or person to fabricate it. We write that on the label so the pieces get directed to the proper place to be managed by a specific person. Below, you can see where an extra note was made to polish the underside of the island overhang. This is a reminder that’s appreciated.