SPEEDLABEL® – Why You Need It

We sometimes assume that only high-volume companies with dozens of employees need the latest technology and innovations. But even smaller, mom-and-pop shops can benefit from tools and software that save time and money while reducing waste. At SPEEDlabel, their carefully developed methods reduce errors and streamline the process which is a win/win for everyone.

Western Regional Sales Director Ted Lambert explains that the average residential kitchen is comprised of five to eight fabricated pieces. SPEEDlabel’s system prints the piece count, dimensions, and details about edge finishes and other specifications on each piece from the get-go. That means less redundancy in time, work, transportation, and materials.

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Industry experts admit that “one of the heaviest drains on profitability is waste [which] can come in the form of time, material, and labor. But it may also be related to the utilization of skill sets as well as poor planning. In lean manufacturing, waste is any expense or effort that is expended but which does not transform raw materials into an item the customer is willing to pay for. By optimizing process steps and eliminating waste, the only true value is added at each phase of production.”

By organizing and labeling all parts from the outset, SPEEDlabel “adds quality control and accountability,” explains Lambert. “We work with shops that do one kitchen a day to those who handle 25,000 square feet a day.” Use of the program allows them to go paperless or skip hand-written, easily misplaced, illegible labels.

“Frequently, multiple parts to multiple projects are running through the shop at the same time,” explains Lambert, “and you’re cutting slabs for the most yield of the same piece of popular stone or materials. SPEEDlabel is key if you have fabrication errors or pieces left behind by installers. If you do three or more kitchens a day, you need SPEEDlabel.”

Adding a new program into the work environment can be tricky or feel a little daunting, but at SPEEDlabel Lambert and the team will work with you every step of the way. “We help from the smallest to the biggest,” he assures new clients, “from the technically challenged to the technically advanced.”

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Lambert always asks new customers, “Do you ever have incorrectly fabricated parts? If not caught, it’s wasted labor and parts, cutting, polishing, and shipping. Do you ever forget pieces? If yes to either, SPEEDlabel can help.”

To get the word out, SPEEDlabel relies on word of mouth from happy customers and also attends trade shows like The International Surface Event (TISE) and Coverings, the global tile, and stone experience. Online, they belong to industry and social media groups. These include the Stone Fabricators Alliance (SFA), All Slab Fabbers, Rockheads USA, and the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA).

“When people don’t use it, they either don’t know about us or are too busy working IN not ON their business,” says Lambert. To learn more, interested companies can schedule a demo online and someone will walk them through the use and features in a one-on-one virtual or on-site setting tailored to their unique needs. Or explore their curated learning center for videos showcasing use in shops nationwide.

It’s estimated that for today’s manufacturing businesses, “20% of every dollar spent in the industry is wasted” but not always through physical waste. Experts say it’s often “economic waste: money that was spent arguably didn’t have to be spent due to inefficiencies in the process of manufacturing things.”

With a product like SPEEDlabel, all necessary steps are plotted out from the very beginning. By going paperless there’s no relying on post-its or masking tape to track size, finishes, or piece counts. And with full, sign-off accountability, there’s little chance of passing the buck on errors.

Innovation can be flashy and bold or streamlined and elegant. It can revolutionize your business or seamlessly fill a niche need and make everyone’s day a little easier. Savvy business owners know to be on the lookout for both and take every opportunity to make the workday successful for all involved. At SPEEDlabel, they won’t interject complications into your process. They simply want to help you create the best product possible with minimal waste. When things work smoothly, everyone from the production team to the customer is happy.

Follow SPEEDlabel on Facebook and YouTube for updates and the latest tips and information. Or reach out and someone from the central sales team will gladly explain the in’s and out’s of how it can reduce waste, speed up processes, and expedite business from start to finish.

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