Removing SPEEDlabel® Residue or Stains from Countertops

Making SPEEDlabel® labels is part art and part science.  It’s an integral part of who we are and what sets us apart from any other label on the market. We are dedicated to label improvement and we never stop trying to produce the absolute perfect solution for our fabricators. Our labels aren’t the kind you can run down to Office Depot and purchase on a whim. We have produced a label that prints in color, can stay on through water and the rigors of fabrication, but then can be easily removed at the customer’s house. 

Over 20 million labels have been applied to a variety of different surfaces such as Formica, Corian, granite, marble, quartz and porcelain.  In addition to these materials, labels have also been placed on a variety of finishes such as polished, honed, brushed and leathered. 

In our own shops, Precision Countertops and The Countertop Factory, we have personally used and tested the labels for the past 5 years. It is extremely rare, but possible, that a label can react with a surface and leave an image stain or residue behind. The vast majority of this happens on dark, honed natural stone. 

If this does occur in your shop, 99% of the time you can remove the residue by following the protocols outlined below. 

Option Number One

Use the 3M adhesive remover that SPEEDlabel® provided you with during the onboarding process.

Option Number Two

Barkeeper’s  Friend and Magic Eraser

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