SPEEDLABEL® in the shop

SPEEDlabel is always proud to be part of the countertop community. Fabricators are an innovative bunch who value helping others. Shayne Hogenmiller exemplifies this spirit and the proof is in the Facebook page he helped create, All Slab Fabbers. This Facebook group is all about sharing information so we can all get better. In fact, the theme that runs throughout the All Slab Fabbers group is, “Give more than you can take.” We couldn’t agree more, success is much more fun when we can rise together.

Shayne is the general manager at Southeast Stone near Orlando, Florida. He’s been a SPEEDlabel customer for over three years and we wanted to connect with him to see how his labels have made a difference in his shop.

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Shayne had visited The Countertop Factory in the Chicago area and saw our labels in action. He liked the idea of a paperless shop and was excited about getting rid of his shop sheets. Reprinting wet pages was a pain and he also wasn’t happy with what he was currently doing. He used to load a whole job, one at a time, onto the table. He now is able to work on 4-5 jobs at a time.

In his shop, Shayne has all the labels printed up in the morning for the day shift by the lead sawyer. Then they take those to the workstation and use them throughout the day on the jobs coming through. Before the night shift takes over, the same lead sawyer prints off the labels for the night shift so there is continuity. He loves having the shop sheets essentially right on the slab via the label. 

Other than eradicating wet shop sheets and improving his workflow, Shayne says the number one benefit of using our labels is tracking remakes on the floor. If a mistake or accident happens, they take a picture of the label that’s on the broken or incorrect piece. They upload the image to Moraware and instantly everyone knows which piece needs to be reworked right away.

Don’t forget to check out the FB page, All Slab Fabbers that Shayne helped create. It has over 8500 members to date and that number keeps growing. If you haven’t joined yet, you are missing a wonderful community that offers a lot of helpful information for our industry. They also hold onsite meetings at shops around the country. We recently attended their workshop in Salt Lake City at Elevated Stoneworks and learned a lot from fellow fabricators and suppliers. If there is an All Slab Fabbers workshop near you, make sure you don’t miss it.

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