Managing accountability with SPEEDlabel®

We may think workplace accountability is business-speak for holding employees to shared company goals and standards. But it can also mean something much simpler on a day-to-day basis. When everyone understands a project, their role within it, and signs off as they’ve completed their portion, production keeps moving. Fluidity and accountability also reduce wasted time, effort, and materials and if errors happen, it’s easy to catch them early. At SPEEDlabel®, their software does just that in countertop manufacturing shops nationwide.

A manufacturing environment often requires specific tasks to take place in a specific order. Whether employees handle designated workstations or follow a kitchen countertop project from slab to installation, accountability is no less important.

Ted Lambert, SPEEDlabel®’s western regional sales director, says that stations might include “cutting of slab into correct size pieces, sink cut out if applicable, and polishing of edges. The number of stations can vary based on the shops’ process and amount of automation or machinery they have but all above processes are still required.”

SPEEDlabel® software generates customizable labels for each piece that include the physical outline required, unique job specs, dimension numbers, and spots for each technician to sign off on their part. By including these boxes for individual signatures, there’s no guesswork involved down the line.

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This is especially important in large-scale jobs. Lambert explains that while a “residential kitchen is generally between five and ten pieces, larger commercial or multifamily projects can have hundreds of pieces for a project. Imagine a 200-unit apartment complex with all kitchens and baths getting countertops.”

By adding SPEEDlabel®, even to multifaceted jobs like commercial kitchens or apartment buildings, shops can go paperless without the risk of losing pieces along the way. Its user-customized label designs can pull data from your CAD drawing and parts are automatically named and uploaded to the job within Moraware. There’s no need to hand-write anything on strips of masking tape or post-it notes, and you can easily identify each part and tie it to the specific job.

Once applied, if properly used “the label should have multiple sign-offs as each station does their quality control check,” says Lambert. “It’s easy to find areas to sign off on the label.” New customers receive a color laser printer with an automatic cutter for use with continuous label rolls which print face and edge labels at the same time. Labels are tear- and waterproof and replacement rolls auto-ship monthly.

And new customers see the results quickly. Lambert is constantly receiving notes saying, “thanks for helping us with this labeling solution, it has really helped our production process.” Dave Paxton, CEO of Paxton Countertops agrees. “My favorite benefit of SPEEDlabel® is the accountability and built-in quality control. You can easily identify who checked it and if something wrong comes back it will go to them to fix it. Can’t imagine our shop without labels, it looks so much more professional.”

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The U.S. Office of Personnel Management admits that “Unfortunately, the word ‘accountability’ often connotes punishment or negative consequences. Certainly, management should not tolerate poor performance and should take action when it occurs. However, when organizations use accountability only as a big stick for punishing employees, fear and anxiety permeate the work environment. Employees are afraid to try new methods or propose new ideas for fear of failure. On the other hand, if approached correctly, accountability can produce positive, valuable results.”

They explain that “The positive results of practicing a constructive approach to accountability include improved performance, more employee participation, and involvement, increased feelings of competency, increased employee commitment to the work, more creativity and innovation, and higher employee morale and satisfaction with the work.”

And that satisfaction is easy to see. When an artist is proud of their work, they sign it. Putting your name on something means you stand behind it, whether it’s a sonnet, symphony, oil painting, or beveled edge slice of an Italian marble countertop. Consider adding SPEEDlabel® to your shop today to reinforce that sense of pride. Their team is happy to set up a phone call, video chat, or in-person meeting to discuss how it best works for you. They offer plenty of support through their online Learning Center and you’ll find photos galore in their Gallery.

Change—like adding new programs, steps, systems, and technologies into an existing workspace—is never easy. Skip those smudgeable or illegible methods that can get lost or misread. By including built-in accountability, SPEEDlabel® helps catch bumps in the road before they become insurmountable.

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