Adding SPEEDlabel® to your process

We all have our tried-and-true ways of doing things. Sometimes the thought of adding a new program, step, or method into the mix feels daunting or disruptive. But with proper training, education, support, and hands-on practice, additions like SPEEDlabel® will enhance a shop’s productivity and reduce wasted time and materials.

When adding a new process into the workday, there are often five types of people, say industry experts. Innovators and early adopters are excited to try anything—especially technology—that can improve things. These are followed by the early majority, who often “waits until the software is vetted by others. They want to know how new software improves their existing workflow before they feel comfortable adopting it.”

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Though the first three groups embrace new programs if somewhat cautiously, the last two take some convincing. The late majority is known to “only adopt new software when they need to, or when it becomes unreasonable not to. The late majority will use the software once you’ve made it a concrete part of your business operations.” Then there are the laggards. These folks stick to their preferred methods “as long as they possibly can. They’re often uncomfortable learning and using new tools.”

At SPEEDlabel,® staff knows exactly how to help such late adopters by providing lots of direct, customized, personal assistance to your team. Product Development and Technical Support team member Yoshi Soto is a front-line employee tasked with giving in-person or remote training and onboarding to new clients.

Soto explains that most of his work is done helping new customers set up the SPEEDlabel® system in their shop and customizing it to their specific needs. SPEEDlabel® comes as an all-in-one kit with a color laser printer and continuous label rolls which can print for face and edge placement simultaneously. The labels are tear- and waterproof but can be removed from surfaces easily at job completion.

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Once the program and equipment are installed, Soto works with the new client via phone or TeamViewer and occasionally in person. TeamViewer is ideal because it allows him remote access to the customer’s system as if he were there driving processes on site. This means that “most of the time it goes fine, but sometimes there are some issues with computers having some restriction and customers not knowing what they want.”

Soto adapts his approach based on the size of the company and its unique process. He sets up an initial call for the day after things arrive and is available to troubleshoot or answer questions by phone any time after that.

But thanks to its ease of use and personalization options, SPEEDlabel® customers are usually excited from the start. SPEEDlabel® tracks the piece count of each project and parts are labeled accurately. No more getting to a job site and realizing that slab 3 of 8 is still back in the shop. Sign-off boxes also mean fabricators take ownership of their work and office blame games don’t arise.

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Being able to print each piece’s dimensions and even an image of the final design makes the labels good for more than simply tracking. Gone are the days of deciphering coffee-stained masking tape written in a co-worker’s chicken-scratch penmanship. Everything is clear, elegant, and in one place. Customers “say that SPEEDlabel® is really simple and easy to use,” admits Soto.

And he would know. Soto has been with the company since it began in 2015 and worked in customer support, customer service, installation, and training. He also does testing, training, and development of SPEEDcad.

Adding new programs into an established routine brings mixed reactions from employees. Whatever their approach to technology or willingness to give it a go, “Early adoption is a vital part of every successful software rollout,” say experts. “Creating a shared understanding and clear expectations early on will help your employees feel more at ease during the transition and ensure that your new software will become an integral part of your company’s workflow.”

When you’re ready to give it a try, request a demo online and Soto or another SPEEDlabel® team member will walk you through what’s next. You can also watch demonstrational videos in their Learning Center or see full-color images of the product at work in their Gallery

Don’t get bogged down just doing the same old thing, year after year. Innovators or laggards, shop staff will soon realize that SPEEDlabel® is paperless, quick, easy, and cuts down on wasted time, unnecessary duplication, and errors. And that’s a win/win for everyone.

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