SPEEDlabel® Integrates with ActionFlow

Fabrication isn’t rocket science, but every job is custom and every job has many steps. Once you have multiple jobs going in a day in your shop, you’ll need to automatically generate action items so things don’t start to fall through the cracks. ActionFlow and SPEEDlabel® work together to keep fabrication shops running smoothly.

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It’s not hard to get ActionFlow and SPEEDlabel® up and running together. Now that we have these two softwares working together, our shop is operating so much more efficiently. - Brad from NW Countertops
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Why SPEEDlabel® + ActionFlow?
We are so honored to partner with companies that share our same values. Read more about ActionFlow’s core values in our blog post. ActionFlow fabrication software just recently integrated with SPEEDlabel® and it became clear that we share the common goal of supporting our clients in their successes.