No Two SPEEDlabel®️ labels are the Same!

Running a business means juggling lots of moving parts. And running a bustling, busy fabrication shop means those parts are moving in multiple ways, creating multiple pieces, and keeping track of job specifications is job one. Errors slow down workflow, cost money in wasted time and materials, and mean the next step in the process can’t take place. But there’s an easy solution.

At SPEEDlabel®️, our labels are used for more than just numbering components. Gone are the days of smudged masking tape, illegible or smeared post-it notes, and taped on worksheets which blow off in transit. SPEEDlabel®️ is created by fabricators FOR fabricators and truly a map of your company’s unique process from start to finish. With so many customizable options, they’re an easy way to keep the entire team on the same page whether jobs are big, small, near, far, or somewhere in between. Here are just a few ways clients have made the most of each label.

As with many of its fellows, the largest portion of this SPEEDlabel®️ is dedicated to the overall layout of its project. This visual template is insertable after drawing it manually or importing a digital design. By showing all dimensions, location of the wall, cutouts for the sink or appliances, and other details, installers can grasp the full design even if their first language isn’t English.

Try using SPEEDsnip to create parts from your CAD drawing. Parts are also automatically named and uploaded to the job within Moraware. Pulling directly from design software eliminates data entry for those of us with a tendency to transpose numbers and can even let your shop go paperless for higher efficiency and greater cost savings.

Imported parts are also automatically numbered so no more getting to a job site with pieces 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, and 8. Next to the numbering, consider adding your company’s name and logo for that classy, professional touch. The system can also place an easily scanned QR code which accesses the complete job details via our app including a virtual packing list clearly delineated for the project.

And while we’re sure that YOUR shop doesn’t have this problem and it’s just a hypothetical concern (wry grin), consider adding a checklist to improve quality control. That way steps don’t get missed and the team has accountability if needed down the line. You can even have people sign off by initialing their individual steps in the build or installation.

Colored bars can be printed to highlight important information and a final signature and date line ensures that the job is completed to your high standards. See? One small, smudge proof, easily removable SPEEDlabel®️ juggles as many moving parts as you do…though with fewer recuperative coffee breaks.

How you design your SPEEDlabel®️ may differ greatly from shops that are bigger, smaller, more focused, or niche providers. But each one is a treasure map of the unique workflow which turns signed contracts into finalized rooms complete with bespoke countertops in a variety of materials.

LinkedIn experts say that the most common errors in fabrication shops spring from a few key points: no clear understanding of project requirements, poor design, not allowing enough time, failing to consider environmental factors (rain, snow, and humidity are never fun), not using the right tools and equipment, ignoring safety, underestimating quality control, and not quality inspecting the final product. Thanks to SPEEDlabel®️, those issues can become an autoshipped thing of the past.

In the business world, streamlining everyday procedures includes addressing productivity goals, improving communication, time management, building collaboration, and managing efficiency of time and built-in costs. Even just taking the time to mindfully look at every step of the process will help trim unnecessary steps that take place ‘because that’s the way we’ve always done it.’

Consider stepping back and creating your own shop treasure map with SPEEDlabel®️. Make sure all the steps along the way aren’t stops along the way. Then schedule a demo with our team today and let us show you how to document your job on a simple, clear, easy-to-read label. There’s no X-Marks-The-Spot treasure but avoiding waste, frustration, and endless paper are sure something to look forward to.

In a world where time is money, excess is waste, and reputation is everything, your business can be a legacy for generations. Help keep it healthy and strong no matter what the world throws at us thanks to SPEEDlabel®️. Because providing for the future is a treasure worth striving for.