The Many Benefits of SPEEDlabel®️

Admit it, everyone loves shiny, fresh-from-the-box technology. Playing with a new phone, laptop, or even label maker is a great source of delight when getting to customize settings, personalize displays, or stick nametags on everything from file folders to the cat (we’ve all done it!). Adding SPEEDlabel®️ to your fabrication shop is quick, easy, efficient, and lets you adjust output to your specifications and needs…after having fun tweaking the layout to get things just right for your unique company.

Nationwide, the countertop manufacturing industry has grown 8% each year from 2017 to 2022 with more than 10,000 businesses in the United States to date. Studies show that the demand for countertops is expected to increase nearly 5% annually—to 1.1 billion square feet—through 2026. Almost 60% of workers behind this growth, however, are over 40 years of age and might be a little less than excited about adding new technologies and equipment into their daily routine.

Helping these businesses streamline, economize, adapt, and thrive has been SPEEDlabel®️’s goal from the start. Our software is developed by fabricators, for fabricators, and we always welcome input and feedback about the ever-changing nature of the business, materials, and workflow.

Labels improve more than just legibility, but let’s start there. How many times have you tried to decipher someone else’s handwriting or makes-perfect-sense-to-them abbreviations? Now what if they’ve used pencil or ball point pen and then smeared it in passing? Or if their label falls victim to rain, snow, and spilled coffee? At SPEEDlabel®️, we’ve created a system which is smudge-free, easy to read, and can be removed without drama (or greasy sticker remover spray) once the job is complete.

Our labels also reduce user error. SPEEDsnip creates individual parts from the working CAD drawing and parts are automatically named. Gone are the days of getting to a jobsite and realizing that piece 4 of 8 was left behind. You can also pull from Moraware if you use that tool – which also cuts down—or totally eliminates—data entry slip ups and the final label can be customized to choose top format, bottom format, or edge format.

Small shops may require one fabricator to craft each client order from start to finish. But most spread things out with teams focusing on specific aspects or items. SPEEDlabel®️ help your employees keep track by choosing to include necessary information on each label. This can be install date, edge profile, and even quality control signature boxes for individual accountability. By pulling directly from Moraware, your shop will economize on printing costs and could even go completely paperless.

But new tech can feel stressful. We’re all masters of using our home’s TV remote, but just try changing the channel at a friend’s house. At SPEEDlabel®️, we make the set-up process quick and easy, with plenty of support available each step of the way. Initially you’ll receive a color laser printer with cutter and rolls of labels which print face and edge at the same time. We’ll also arrange to auto-ship replacement labels each month, so you never have to worry about running out.

On our website you’ll find a support portal to send in questions and learning center with informative videos, photos from actual shops showing SPEEDlabel®️ at work, and a helpful blog with tips and tricks from the experts. Check out stories from other SPEEDlabel®️ customers and see how they use our product in their shop.

Are you an established user with suggestions or helpful tips which could be shared with others? Send us a message and we’d love to hear more! SPEEDlabel®️ staff may even use your details in upcoming customer testimonials or shop profile videos. Peer-to-peer chats like these are a vital part of maximizing efficiency and giving us real world data for updates and system modifications.

To get rolling, request a demo online and a member of the team will answer questions and get you set up today. Big or small, deliberate or hustle-bustle, your company is sure to benefit with the addition of SPEEDlabel®️. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube for news and additions to the program.

Then get ready to unbox and personalize the labels to meet your unique requirements, personal preferences, and shop’s workflow or layout. It might not give the addictive little buzz of picking a new ringtone or desktop wallpaper, but SPEEDlabel®️’s cost savings alone may cover a few in-house upgrades or at least the afternoon coffee run. And that’s almost as fun as labeling the cat…I promise.