Starting with SPEEDlabel®️: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Adding a new procedure, technology, or step to your daily grind can do just that….grind things to a complete and total halt. But, if done right, including the right tool will make everything go more smoothly and increase productivity, all while minimizing drama. When your fabrication shop signs on with SPEEDlabel®️, we make sure that it’s a tangible benefit from day one.

If your company attends any of the (coolest, in our opinion) industry tradeshows, from All Slab Fabbers to TISE: The International Surface Event, you’ve probably heard how SPEEDlabel®️ can benefit shops large and small. Our product allows your workspace to go streamlined and paperless, reduce offcuts and errors, eliminate smudged or torn notations stuck to the side of slabs, and prevent getting to the install site without piece 5 of 9. Our specialized labels are customizable, include employee sign-off spots to document each department’s work, and can even import data from your initial CAD drawing or Moraware.

One of the best things is how easy it is to incorporate SPEEDlabel®️ into your existing workflow.  Our online learning center includes plenty of helpful videos to show how it all works in the real world. From customer interviews to a full training video and everything in between, there’s something to illustrate every step of the process. Then, to get started you simply request a demo online and a member of the sales team will walk you through the nitty gritty.

After signing on, we’ll send your first shipment. Sales Director Ted Lambert explains that your package should arrive within the week. Labels will arrive first, then the printer since they’re shipped from two separate locations.

The SPEEDlabel®️ team works to help you track your label usage for approximately a month to learn your shop’s average volume. Once that’s been established and things are going well, we’ll set up automatic shipments, so you never run out. Plus a couple of extras on hand, just in case of a sudden rush job or home show boost.

Autoshipped orders are primarily rolls of our carefully formulated labels, but ink and maintenance box orders will also be arranged. What’s a maintenance box, you ask? It’s part of the label printer mechanism which is used to hold any excess ink that’s been ejected during nozzle cleaning and steps like that, explains Lambert.

And though most fabrication shops aren’t part of the typical holiday buying rush, there are often seasonal increases and decreases throughout the year. Lambert says they welcome shops to “just give us a call or shoot us an email, we can easily accommodate reduction and increases in volume without hassle.”

Equipment setup and onboarding typically takes less than 45 minutes after both labels and printer have arrived and it’s mostly done online. “It can’t get any easier!” says Lambert. From that point on, enjoy life with fewer silly errors, passing the buck, or wasted time and materials.

‘But our system of masking taped measurements and post-it-note edge geometry has worked so far,’ you may say. And that’s true; you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t produce a quality product that people want to buy. So why choose to change?

Workplace research sums it up best. “Technological innovation is a natural, healthy, and wholly expected part of running a business. You need to constantly improve your tools and processes in order to grow. But no matter how cool it is, your new technology is completely pointless until people actually adopt it.” To do this they advise you to keep the introduction simple, explain how it connects to very real needs on the shop floor, and can be customized to work best for your team. We can help by providing training photos, videos, blogs, and tools. And we always welcome suggestions from clients.

It sounds silly to say it but everything in our lives falls under the let’s-try-something-new-today umbrella. Prepping your automatic coffee pot for the morning timer? Remembering to charge your devices? Talking to a digital assistant in a small cube on the countertop? All things that seemed funny the first time but are now indispensable.

Improving productivity is a win/win for morale and your company’s bottom line. Reducing waste—be it stone or worker’s time—means less frustration for everyone. Some programs, equipment, and software changes bog things down with a stressful learning curve or molasses-slow training and shipping schedule. With SPEEDlabel®️ you’ll see real results from week one and that’s worth a little change.